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Soundtracks for Motivation

Motivation for Nature Conservancy with Music from Master Goodtime

Motivations through Music

Keep The Earth Clean is an example of a soundtrack to motivation and support of nature convergancy campaigns and is available to free listen on Soundcloud and Youtube.

With this soundtrack I would like to start soon also a crowdfunding campaign to support and in partnership with organisations of nature convergancy.

The idea to compose soundtracks for motivation emerged from my work as an alternative practicioner in music therapy.

With my electronic soundtracks I support motivations in leisure, hobby, sport, health - especially psychology, job, education, social, nature and nature conservation, science and technology.

This year I released my first soundtrack album The Art Machine with 10 electronic soundtracks for motivations in different kinds on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal. ​